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Four UK New Perfect Super Clone Tank Louis Cartier Watches

What We Know

With its elongated case and smooth gold edges, the Tank Louis Cartier has always possessed one of the more sophisticated forms in an already sophisticated line of AAA best Cartier super clone watches. Recently Cartier has treated the space within those brancards as something of a playground. Last year there were the ying and yang releases of the über-minimalist black dial option and the textured engraved versions. This year the interplay between solid and stripe (ok, patterned) continues with four new releases.

Each watch runs on the same manual wind 1917 MC movement with the same 33.7mm length and 25.5mm width. No rail tracks or Roman numerals to be found, these simple time-only 1:1 UK replica Cartier watches do still carry the hallmark sapphire cabochon crown. All models have sword-shaped hands, a mineral crystal, and are water resistant to about 100 feet.

Where they strike out on their own is in the dial color, pattern, and straps. We have two lacquered options, one in a rich Bordeaux red and one in a crisp green (with matching alligator straps) with nary an embellishment to be found. Things start to get a little more graphic with the gold motif options. According to Cartier, these high quality super clone Cartier watches pay tribute to the Tank Must designs of the 1970s and there’s an undeniable ’70s vibe in the tiny squares of the Tri-gold finish model playing the role of disco ball and the larger white gold rectangles of the Three Gold stepping in to remind us of a light-up disco floor.

What We Think

It’s a little wild that these four luxury Cartier Tank fake watches are grouped together. I suppose it is a way of Cartier showing the breadth of what they do well, glamorous jeweled glitz and eye-catching minimalism all rolled out on the same canvas.

It’s hard to say which watch or which pair of Cartier super clone watches wholesale are more effective since they are so different. There is admittedly more to look at and consider in the Tri and Three gold models, as they play with gold-on-gold tonality using yellow, white, and rose gold. I am excited to spend time with them in the metal to get a better sense of how the “optical illusions” of the dial play in the light and work on the wrist.

This isn’t to fault the lacquered Swiss made copy Cartier watches for anything; they appear to be beautiful examples of what they are, and the Bordeaux offers a more serene take while the green is for the attention grabbers out there.

What we have here, then, are four beautiful top super clone Cartier watches executed extremely well. The Tri and Three gold patterns may lack the “oh hmm interesting” quality of last year’s electrochemical engraving patterns by the nature of being gold and Cartier being a jewelry house. But just because a release doesn’t have us leaping out of our seats from surprise doesn’t mean it isn’t worth commending. And it is nice to know the green watch trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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